Sourdough Bakehouse located in Northern Ireland

Our Story


Artisan bread producer with family values

Head chef turned self-taught bread producer, Zac’s Bakehouse was born out of curiosity, trial and error, hard work, and dedication.

Throwback to six years ago when, upon falling for sourdough bread in New York City, owner Ricky spent his flight home to Ireland devouring a book on breadmaking. This ignited the interest.

Working as a head chef at the time, Ricky spent over a year perfecting the art of sourdough through trial and error, day and night, in his spare time.

With the birth of his son Zac, Ricky realised it was time to hang up his head chef hat and focus on family life. Knowing there was a gap in the market for good sourdough, and having finally perfected his recipe through labour of love, Zac’s Bakehouse was born.


Purveying the rise of sourdough since day one…



Once a foreign concept to Ireland, six years later sourdough is now high in demand across the country and Zac’s Bakehouse proudly remains one of the first and finest purveyors of the craft providing some of Ireland’s finest restaurants and cafes with bread daily.

All breads are created using age-old, sourdough culture techniques and the finest ingredients available in Ireland.

Our flavoured breads, like the much-loved specialty honey and garlic loaf, are created using local, organic, seasonal produce.

Our outgoing product is never anything less than consistently top-notch.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Pastrami Sandwich at General Merchants or a toastie at Established Coffee... chances are you’ve tasted already tasted our breads.

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